About us

Olde South Design Studios has its roots in the residential construction industry. Originally conceived as a custom design/construction company in 1985, we worked with our customers to design their dream houses and then built them to the highest of construction standards. Through this process, we learned the best ways to effectively communicate with our customers. We learned from these methods of communication the best way to develop a successful set of construction plans capable of aiding in the construction process rather than making it more confusing.

Throughout our construction experiences, we garnered many accolades. One of our primary accomplishments was the selection as a member of the Southern Living Custom Homebuilder Program for 2001. At the time we were invited into this program, there were less than 100 builders in the country approved for this honor.

Further, we were one of the charter members of the Greater Atlanta Professional Homebuilder Program. This program is dedicated to increasing professionalism within the Georgia construction industry and involved constant continuing education and referrals to maintain membership.

Along the way, we ended our construction career to follow our true passion, the residential design industry. Since we had been the designer for all of our houses, we believed this to be a natural fit for our abilities and thought we would be able to assist our fellow builders and architects by applying the lessons we have learned in the construction industry and applying them to our plans.

Currently, we work at all levels of the design process, from custom design at the conception to drafting for our clients, carrying their concept work into permit ready plans for submission. Please see our list of services for a complete idea of what we offer.