Due to the varying requirements for construction documents in different areas and varying levels of detail requested, we have found it better to price jobs on the “per project” basic. There is no fee for us to estimate your project and we can usually price within twenty-four hours.

The one consistent pricing aspect you will find with our company is that we price our projects by square footage. In that, we establish a set per foot cost that covers the complete development of your project. This will encompass three major revisions of your plan before any additional charges are accrued. Prior to any additional charges being levied on work due to additional changes, we will contact our customers with a price before proceeding to prevent “sticker shock”.

We have found that the square footage works the best as it enables our customers to budget their projects up front, especially if they are also billing another client. By providing a solid price, it is possible to bill accordingly without worrying about floating expenses.

If there is a request for hourly work, we can provide this service and will provide a quote at the time.